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We've searched the globe to bring you trainers with PhDs in biomechanics, Olympians, and master coaches, who'll personalize your workouts, then stay at your side throughout your fitness journey.


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Your iFit Coaches

Hannah Eden HannahEden
Hannah Eden

Hannah Eden

iFit Trainer, Founder of Pumpfit Club

Experience: In 2013, Hannah started a project to develop and host a fitness program in South Beach, Florida. Over the years, Hannah worked on her craft as a coach and CrossFit athlete. In 2014, she began competing at an elite level, becoming one of the Top 100 Fittest Women in the Southeast Region in the U.S. In 2015, Hannah started PumpFit Club–a boutique, upscale facility that hosts group sessions with a unique approach to HIIT training.

Motivation: Hannah is determined to accomplish everything and anything she sets her mind to, with a commitment to elevate and help others along the way. She doesn’t believe that there’s a difference between men and women in the gym—it’s all about determination and pushing yourself.

Loves: With a bubbly, infectious laugh, Hannah doesn’t mind poking fun at herself and loves having a good time.

True story: In 2006, Hannah moved from England to the United States. She faced great personal challenges as she tried to fit into her new reality, so fitness became her escape. She began her journey, and, in the process, she transformed her mind and body.

trainers JohnPeel

John Peel

iFit Trainer, Founder of John Peel Fitness

Experience: Based in L.A., John has been featured in commercial and print advertisements for major brands, such as Nike, UnderArmour, Dick's Sporting Goods, United Airlines, NordicTrack, Body Blade, Gold's Gym, Weider, Total Gym, and Rip:60. He’s also hosted many fitness videos.

Motivation: The physical and mental passion of helping other people reach their goals is why John gets up in the morning.

Loves: The challenge of parachute running is one of his all-time passions.

True story: John is a former NCAA Division 1 football player from the University of Utah. He transformed his passion for athletics into a career of personal training and nutrition.

trainers JonnieGale
Jonnie Gale

Jonnie Gale

iFit Trainer

Experience: Jonnie has always been involved in fitness and athletics. He began playing soccer when he was around four years old. In fourth grade, he began studying shorinji kempo karate. Basketball, baseball, football, and track and field naturally followed throughout his school years. He won an athletic scholarship to Weber State on their Track and Field team. Since college, he’s continued training vigorously, focusing primarily on weight and speed training.

Motivation: Living by the phrase, "True wealth is measured only in Love, Health, and Enlightenment,” Jonnie continuously pursues a well-rounded, peaceful lifestyle.

Loves: Unusual for people in his profession, Jonnie has actually released one album with his own record label, Winged Foot Entertainment, called "Diamond in a Sea of Glass." He’s currently working on his first solo album, which will be released in the next few months.

True story: In junior high school, Jonnie was diagnosed with discoid meniscus, a rare human anatomic variant that usually affects the lateral meniscus of the knee. He’s sustained three torn meniscus, and in each case, his medical team has been able to repair the damaged ligament without removing any of it, but it’s been a struggle for Jonnie to cope with the physical setback. However, throughout those trials, he was challenged to grow and become a stronger individual.

trainers TanyaPoppett
Tanya Poppett

Tanya Poppett

iFit Trainer, Founder of "Train with Tanya" and “Active Escapes”

Experience: Tanya created a boutique app that delivers workouts and training advice. She also developed the unique idea of fitness retreats, where she leads a small group of fellow travelers through physically challenging destination activities.

Motivation: Finding balance is a must in Tanya’s lifestyle. She makes working out a priority, but she fully believes in finding a routine that fits in with your unique lifestyle.

Loves: When Tanya’s not working out, she makes a date with her foam roller, swimming, and Netflix!

True story: The varied Australian landscape gets Tanya up in the morning. She adores running in the Royal National Park just 40 minutes south of Sydney. From lush, fern-filled forest to sweeping, sandstone ocean cliffs, she claims that she could run there for hours!

trainers ChrisClark
Chris Clark

Chris Clark

iFIt Trainer, Three-time All-American Athlete, Certified Coach and Trainer, Biomechanics Degree

Experience: His background in athletics, coaching, and professional sports development spans over three decades and earned him an outstanding reputation in athletics.

Motivation: Chris has trained some of the best elite athletes in the field and thoroughly enjoys training youth and inspiring them to be the best athletes in their field.

Loves: In everything he does in and out of the studio, Chris implements the four training pillars of the Tiger Method: mindset, movement, nutrition, and regeneration.

True story: Amongst his trainees have been team members of the Minnesota Vikings, Minnesota Timberwolves, Indiana University Men’s Basketball team, Indiana University Men’s Soccer team, Boston Celtics, Chicago Bears, Indianapolis Colts, Cincinnati Bengals, Minnesota Gophers, Santa Clara University Basketball, and the U.S. Women’s Olympic Hockey team.

trainers IdalisVelazquez
Idalis Velazquez

Idalis Velazquez

iFit Trainer, National Academy of Sports Medicine Certified Personal Trainer and Fitness Nutritionist Specialist

Experience: Idalis’s workouts and fitness tips have been featured in Women’s Health, Men’s Health, Glamour, People, Self, Teen Vogue, Latina, Latin Times, Cosmopolitan, Huffington Post, Daily Burn, POPSUGAR, Oxygen, Univision, Telemundo, “Good Morning, America,” and more. She’s also been the creator of Women’s Health ALL IN DVDs, host for Fiji Water’s “Earth’s Finest Fitness—Miami,” co-creator of Target’s C9 Champion “Commit to Fit” Challenge, and talent on MetaShred21 and Body Burn DVDs.

Motivation: Driven by her true love of educating others about fitness, Idalis strives to help others reclaim their health.

Loves: Idalis’s diverse training skills were developed through her love of competitive tennis, track and field, judo, and volleyball.

True story: From an early age, Idalis was very passionate about physical fitness. But these feelings crystallized after becoming a mother and experiencing a series of setbacks and health complications that made her turn to fitness for help.

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